A Cup of Christmas Tea

We have always cherished the book, A Cup of Christmas Tea, by Tom Hegg here at Jane’s Tea House. To be honest, it makes us think of our visits to our Great Aunt Gert’s [short for Gertrude].

She was a formidable woman that didn’t take any nonsense, a successful hairdresser/shop owner. She always wore a dress, heels and had her long hair glamorously pinned up.

Although we never saw her in pants and rarely saw her with her hair down, we never saw that part of her life. We only knew of her small one bedroom apartment, far from the days of her busy city life. We knew of a bowl of chocolates that would be there to greet us on the coffee table. We also knew that she was happy to see us [except maybe when her soap operas were on].

Now that we are adults, looking back, we wish we could enjoy a cup of Christmas tea with her today. In this day and age of “busy,” I hope you are not too busy to enjoy a cup of tea with a family member or friend this season and better yet, why stop there.

Christmas Tea Set

To honor our late Great Aunt Gert, we are offering $4 off of our Christmas Tea Set [Only $26].

Plus, get a free sample of our HEMPTEA™ [CBD tea] with the tea set.