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* BREAKFAST & LUNCH: 8 AM - 3 PM | Wednesday - Friday * TEA BY RESERVATION: Wednesday - Sunday

Reinventing Tea Time

Experience the difference

Experience the Difference

To capture your experience at JANE’S TEA HOUSE, we’ve built-in a selfie station for you to snap some shots and remember the occasion forever. Choose from an assortment of hats and props to strike your favorite poses. And the best part? We’ll send the photos instantly to your phone or email! Don’t miss out on this exciting experience – book your table now!


Our extensive catering menu offers something for everyone. Select from an array of delicate finger sandwiches, quiches, and handmade scones. And that’s not all, our delicious bite-sized desserts are perfect pint-sized explosions of sweetness. From the rich and nutty pecan pies to our decadent chocolate caramel tarts, we’ve got it all covered. Get in touch now to place your order and give your taste buds the treat they deserve!

Indulge Yourself

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a special Summer Afternoon Tea experience filled with warmth, joy, and delicious treats, available from June 19th through September 22nd.